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Just so no-one thinks I've gone soft on religious privilege...
From The Digital Cuttlefish


And, in a comment on Pharyngula, from the same pen

Let’s treat the Pope with deference
Because he wears a cape;
Keep quiet any reference
To cover-up or rape;
We mustn’t hurt the skeptic cause
(You understand, I hope)
By making sure the proper laws
Still hold when one is Pope.

I would hope that, as a skeptic,
I can call his actions bad—
I do the same as teacher,
And as poet, and as dad,
As a member of humanity,
Or any group at all,
I’ll say he’s not untouchable—
It’s time to see him fall.

Edit: I've had a bad day, and don't want to talk about the idiocy right now, but the Cuttlefish always cheers me up.