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Spring is Sprung
In the last week the grass has suddenly started growing, and the trees are full of early bud and blossom.

About to burst forth



At the end of the garden we planted a Clematis armandii but it is shaded there, and has grown wildly up, over the fence and into next door's holly. The result is spectacular.

Clematis armandii on the Holly

Particularly as it is right in front of an utterly splendid magnolia in the garden of the Cedars.

Magonlia and Armandii

With forsythia in front of them both

White and Yellow

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Thank you for this convincing evidence of spring's arrival!

Summer should actually arrive before you do!

I am starting to believe it. Maybe this time I won't have a cold for three months straight.

Lovely! Our magnolia is just starting to blossom and our front garden is carpeted in dwarf hyacinths.

We have brought grape hyacinth with us through three houses.

Lovely! We now have some daffodils in flower, which I think is a good start.

We had the daffs last week. It really was that sudden.

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