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Ina and I are home from Eastercon.

We cut Miss P's claws (you had to be there), met lots of friends, made new friends, and attended a variety of events, some better than others. (Step forward Mitch Benn and purplecthulhu, for entirely different reasons, as brilliant highlights.) I'll write a sort of review later.

The cats are sitting on the living room furniture looking at us, which I bet they won't do tomorrow night when the dog is back.
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Welcome back!

I kind of feel Miss P ought to have her own LJ...

As part of the feline world takeover?

I really enjoyed myself this weekend. It was good to see you both.

It was good to see you. We didn't get to speak much, but *hugs* are good.

It was great to meet you both at last. And I am still much amused by the thought of you cutting a cat's claws at a con *g*.

fjm and chilperic are in the process of moving house. All their stuff is in store while they wait for completion, and therefore they are based, with Potchka, in the hotel. She's a devil to claw clip, but is an old, sick cat - you have to be very firm without stressing her too much...

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