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What I am doing at Eastercon.

Sod all.

Recovering from this week and forgetting all the things I haven't done.

Seeing fredbassett, lukadreaming, louisedennis, carl_allery, stevegreen, la_marquise_de, fjm (and Miss P), mevennen, johannes_d, and frandowdsofa, among many others, all of whom are certain to be attending, if only for a day (Hell, three of them are guests of honour!)

Making the acquaintance of the Park Inn Hotel's swimming pool.

See you all in the bar!
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Looking forward to seeing you.

I'll be there. Exactly there.

Good. Because I think I've only seen you on panels and would like to meet you in person.

Yay. Accost me! I'm very accostable. I may want to talk about cats, mind... *is crazy cat person*

Hee. *bows to superior craziness*

Looking forward to meeting you at last!

You bet. Fred has my mobile number. And Ina's.

I shall be there both Saturday and Sunday, much of which will indeed probably be bar time! :)

I'll look for you in the bar!

That would be great - we only got to wave at LX!

I was pretty sure but not certain that you would be coming.

I'll be there! See you in the bar!


Maybe Ina and I will make the filking, if you're there.

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