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It's Little Dog Draco's First Birthday!
Draco on his first birthday

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He is the cutest thing. Does he still fit on your lap?

Just about, but my lap is nice and large. However, he isn't really a lap dog and prefers to wedge himself between one of us and the back of the sofas.

Happy birthday Draco, you handsome dog!

(Deleted comment)
Awww. Happy birthday, Draco.

Draco sends best wishes to Diezel.

He looks a bright and happy little chap

Bright? Maybe.

Happy? Possibly.

Loud? Definitely.

An excellent birthday portrait of a beautiful fellow!

'Andsome is as 'andsome does.

But we love him any way.

He's a handsome boy now, isn't he? Happy Birthday, Draco!

Don't ask me why I had this bookmarked ...

Cute dog.

Lots of Fox Terrier in that...

Happy Birthday, Draco! That's a lovely photo as well. Such an alert pose. :)

Happy birthday, Draco!

Heavens, that year went fast ...

Happy Birthday, Draco!!!!


Hoppy birdies, Draco!

My, he does look serious in that photo. Or is he just thinking: "...Now, how to amuse them today?"

He is thinking "Mmmm. Camera. Edible?"

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