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I do not like today
horse laugh
We waste far too much time this morning. The corset Ina bought for herself is really a bit too big. I try it on. It's right for me. I'll buy it from her and she'll order a smaller one. Hit in the wallet again after binge on (necessary) software yesterday. Take the dog out into garden to chase his ball while she gets dressed. Cat (Flash) also gets out. Heads straight for top of cat run. Put dog in study. Get chair to stand on. Call cat who, because it is Flash, after all, comes to get his ears scritched. Pick him up. Put him inside the cat run. Change his water. Let the dog out. They glare at each other through the wire and Ina arrives.

Then reaching for (another) ball which had fallen behind the table in the porch, I found we had not thrown away the broken glass from a picture frame, because it scraped my left palm, right along my lifeline.

Needless to say, Ina thought this coincidence 'interesting'.

Said ball ended up later on under a bridge in the woods, deep in the mud. I didn't throw it there; the dog brought it back halfway, then dropped it firmly on the slope. Thanks, Draco.

Lunchtime, I got mail I was not looking forward to receiving and going over inch by inch.

Afternoon, I drive Ina out to the doctor's to pick up her prescription, through some really nasty local traffic - lorries parked in inappropriate places mainly. Then on past more oddly parked vehicles to the local shops. Though Ina is going to walk Draco home while I take the car, I go with her to the chemist, because Draco has to stay outside. Unfortunately, I trip on some grass and sprawl straight onto the tarmac, banging my knee and scraping both palms - luckily, my spectacles survive flying through the air onto said tarmac.

I limp to the chemists, then back to the car, and drive home very, very carefully, and spend forty minutes in the bath.

Kauto Star, in whom I have far too much emotion invested for a racehorse I do not own, falls in the Gold Cup. Luckily, he and Ruby Walsh appear unhurt. No, I didn't have any money bet on him - or any other horse. More surprisingly, the race is won by Imperial Commander, on whom I would probably have put an each-way bet if I was a betting person.

And its only 5pm.

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Ugh. One of those wretched days which you end up thinking can only improve by lying on the sofa and feeling sorry for yourself with wine or chocolate to hand . . .

Wine and chocolate are being consumed.

Ick! A day when you wonder if it was worth getting up at all... Think of it this way: Tomorrow *has* to be an improvement!

I hope this evening is much much better.

It has been reasonable so far.

Ouch! But then I'd say you had (at least) the three bad things and so at least you won't be waiting for number 3, right? *crosses fingers*

Sometimes being determinedly unsuperstitious can be a disadvantage...

Ouch... there are days when you think you really should have stayed in bed with the duvet pulled over your head.

Unfortunately, someone has to get up and let the dog out and while it is usually Ina, sometimes I feel obliged to take her place...

Both of us don't find that easy. Must be a family trait. [grin]

Massive sympathy!

Hope no more of this.

Compared with your problems m'dear, mine are just here to amuse the spectators.

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