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Ancient Forests and Landscape Gardens - Part 5, Bedfords Park continued
The most important part of Bedfords Park, from the point of view of Essex Wildlife Trust is the part I have yet to see in its full glory - the huge wildflower meadow, the most noticeable landmark of which is this fallen tree...

Landmark Tree 2

Landmark Tree Balance

Though there are also some handsome living meadow trees, including this splendid oak

Oak Tree

and even in the winter, they are not without interest...


Like most Essex parks, this one has a number of small ponds hidden in the woods (and totally unphotogenic) where dragonflies breed, and also a smallish lake/large pond.

Gull Mob

You can sit and watch the birds - or feed the dog treats.

Balancing on the Log

Before heading back up the hill to the car park.

Path Up the Hill

Where there are these rather splendid little carvings of still living wood marking the boundary.

Face in the Tree

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That looks lovely, and the wood carving is fabulous.

There is a lot of wood carving/sculpture in the local woods and parks. Even more surprisingly, they are administered by different local authorities and trusts. This one is Essex Wildlife Trust, but the parks administered by Redbridge are full of them. Some of them are very strange. Wait until you see the spiral-stairway-that-isn't, which is in Claybury Woods.

I love things like this. We have a couple in our local woods. I shall await the spiral staircase with interest!

You know it almost makes me want to go for a walk there.

It's those new Doc Martens!

Maybe you should sit down until the urge goes away.

Another nice outdoor collection. I like the shot of the two trees here most.

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