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Dog Likes to be on top
Draco has never believed that the back of the sofa isn't a good place for dogs, or that humans are not just a convenient place to stand...

Standing on the Shoulders of Humans

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*g* He's seen too many cats doing it.

At least he doesn't leap onto our shoulders from ground level, the way Flash does.

Hmm, you *know* what Cesar Milan would have to say to that! :) I should imagine you're thankful he's not a larger breed!

I'm more concerned about what Victoria Stillwell, or the trio from Dog Borstal would say.

I've tried some of Milan's techniques out of sheer desperation, but they don't work any more than the more conventional ones. He's a highly dominant dog - and no, he isn't allowed on the back of the sofa any more than he is allowed into the position in the picture.

I hope the pretty guy is already fully grown, or worry about spine dislocation *g* bet he's copying the cat, too.

He's nearly a year old and won't get any bigger. He's an English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan), known in the States as a Manchester Terrier (Toy). One of his relatives just came second in the Toy Group at Crufts - to a wonderful Maltese Terrier, so I have no doubt that Nick and Andy, who own the bitch involved and bred Draco, are extremely chuffed rather than disappointed.

Wow, I thought he was a small Doberman, terriers are ... only Scottish in my mind, heh.

The Manchester Terrier (of which the ETT is the smaller version) is one of the breeds that are known to have gone into the Doberman. (One of the first crosses was between a Greyhound and a Manchester Terrier.)

Hee! He's a handsome boy now, isn't he?

I love your quilt, BTW :-) My Godmother does quilting, is it a recognised pattern?

There are two quilts and there is a wonderful story behind them. They were made for us as a surprise pressie by M. a fan we have sort-of known (as in very slight acquaintance) for thirty years, because we were in early Professionals (Hatstand) fandom together, and because we have several mutual friends.

It was one of those mutual friends (also from old Pros and S&H days) who, when we were talking about various children's books, remarked that she believed there was a Biggles novel where Biggles fell in love. I said, sure, I had a copy and it was dreadful. She then said that it was rare, and that M had been looking for it for years. I nipped upstairs, retrieved it, and gave it to her as a pressie for M. A year later we had a parcel from M with the quilts in it - apparently all our mutual friends knew about it. M has been retired for many years and specialises in this freeform sort of quilting, which she makes from cheap stuff she picks up in charity shops.

What a lovely story :-) And if you are in touch with M at all, please do tell her that her quilt is beautiful.

My (Fairy) Godmother took up quilting in her retirement, and regularly produces lovely stuff for family and friends, including a Christmas tree wallhanger for me one year, and her first proper quilt :-) It's not a skill I have, but one I greatly admire.

A number of my friends quilt - mainly using the old US patterns.

I once saw a marvellous exhibition of art quilts - I have the photos somewhere and when I find them I intend to scan them and put them up here. They were quite astonishing.

It's not a skill I have either, and cross-stitch, which I can do, has been abandoned because of the animals and their tendency to get themselves mixed up with the needles and silks.

He's just keeping an eye on the world ... you never can tell when a terrier might be needed to save the day.

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