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Draco barks. In particular, he barks at anything, particularly woodpigeons, that invade his space, which, as far as he is concerned, is our (small) garden and the two gardens either side. We will not speak about him leaping in the air and barking like crazy at the sight of a cat through the glass door into the hall.

A few minutes ago he started barking with more than his usual vigour. Finally, after a number of "Quiet!"s and "Shut up!"s (yes, I know, but it relives my feelings) I went o take a look. There, on the fence was a big (presumably dog)fox. I leaped for my camera, and the fox leaped down into next door's garden.

Fox in the Garden

Naturally, though the fox is long gone, Draco is still hyper and has refused to shut up. In fact, he is now in his crate, prior to me taking him down to the garden where he can make sure there is NO FOX.

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What a great shot. I love the colours and those big eyes.

It's through glass, so there is a little blurring, but I must say I am quite pleased with it.


(Also, yes, I can imagine Draco might just have been a little excited. Honey-cat would be shivering behind a sofa for the next day, I suspect. She is brave about everything except other creatures.)

It is 6:30 and Draco is still barking at invisible foxes. And I had a headache before all this started.

Ah. Yes, the photo would not be consolation for that. *sends sympathy and end to headache*

Fantastic Mr. Fox

He's a healthy, wolfy-looking creature. Often, the wild animals you see are the ones for whom the life of untrammeled nature has not been kind.

Yes, he does look great, particularly after such a hard winter. Of course, many of the waterbirds in the ponds over the road may have succumbed, and he probably raids stuff put out for the birds. I have occasionally seen foxes in the early morning in the cul-de-sac in which we live, but this was midday, which was surprising.

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