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Essex Field Trip
On Sunday, we drove up to the luxurious kennels and cattery - it calls itself an "Animal Country Club" where Draco and three of the kitties are going into durance vile for the duration of Eastercon. Our cats have stayed there may times before, but this is the first time Draco will be going into kennels, so we wanted to have a look around the dogs' quarters - which were luxurious. We also got to walk Draco through the fields he will be walked by the kennel girls - like these dogs.

Come on, Come on

This turned out to be along the Essex Way...

Snaking Path

Field and Sky

The field trees were fantastic


So were the ones behind Sainsbury's in Chipping Ongar - also on the Essex Way.

Field Oaks

Not to mention the pines in the gardens...


And the same spot gives you a rather good view of the rolling stock and locos under reconstruction at the old Ongar station.

Ongar Trains

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Ooh choochoos.

The trees look all pretty and arty.

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