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Obligatory Oscar Post
By gum, the Academy seems to have learned the lesson of Titanic (not to mention Chicago) and ignored box office in favour of quality.

I haven't seen The Hurt Locker but am very glad it beat Avatar which did not deserve to win in any of the categories except those it did, actually, win (art direction, FX and, more problematically, cinematography.) I can't believe the Academy got this right! I really, really would not be happy if a movie with so many major flaws (hackneyed plot, lack of characterisation and acting chops, and lack of imagination in the world building) won Best Picture. The realisation of Pandora was impressive, but one-note movies should not win Oscars, particularly just because they made a lot of money.

Apart from the relief of a woman finally winning Best Director, and the fact that Star Trek and Young Victoria won the categories they ought to have won, I don't have much to say about the way the awards actually went.
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I've not seen them either but I thought it was a rule that if parks got nominated he should win; it's tradition.

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