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Obligatory Oscar Post
By gum, the Academy seems to have learned the lesson of Titanic (not to mention Chicago) and ignored box office in favour of quality.

I haven't seen The Hurt Locker but am very glad it beat Avatar which did not deserve to win in any of the categories except those it did, actually, win (art direction, FX and, more problematically, cinematography.) I can't believe the Academy got this right! I really, really would not be happy if a movie with so many major flaws (hackneyed plot, lack of characterisation and acting chops, and lack of imagination in the world building) won Best Picture. The realisation of Pandora was impressive, but one-note movies should not win Oscars, particularly just because they made a lot of money.

Apart from the relief of a woman finally winning Best Director, and the fact that Star Trek and Young Victoria won the categories they ought to have won, I don't have much to say about the way the awards actually went.
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Best Actress went to an actress in a film about the NFL draft!

Which I am not likely to see for that very reason! (And which is not likely to have a huge following in the UK for the same reason.)

Indeed. I wonder how much consideration the Academy gave 'The Damned United' this year? (Possibly in the 'Foreign Language' category ;)

I haven't seen 'The Damned United', but I was an admirer of Mr Clough, and very much enjoyed the TV documentary about him that was shown at about the same time as the film came out. Michael whatisname is a very good actor too.

Star Trek got "best makeup." That's a subject where I have no opinions, but I'm glad that that badly written fanfic didn't get any important awards.

Last week I watched the DVD with friends and we took turns ridiculing the story, using lines from Galaxy Quest. ("Whoever wrote this episode should die!")

If you think Star Trek's plotting was bad, then I really, really recommend you stay away from Avatar which made it look like Shakespeare. No, really.

Maybe it was better in the original Klingon.

Wallace lost out. TUts.

I haven't seen any of the short animations except A Matter of Loaf and Death, so am not going to venture an opinion. Nor am I going to comment on the feature-length animation, despite my love for Coraline because I haven't seen Up!, though I am not, on the whole, a great fan of Pixar.

I've not seen them either but I thought it was a rule that if parks got nominated he should win; it's tradition.

I thought Up was superb but not due to the animation. It actually has a very strong story. I don't like animated films and I loved Up.

I was very glad "Up" won Best Animated. I'm glad Bigelow won and finally broke the gender barrier. That said, I haven't watched an Oscar telecast in ten years.

Neither have I. I rely on the BBC website for the full results and smofbabe for an analysis of the dresses...

Yes, I'm glad Avatar didn't sweep the board - overhyped and *so* poorly written! I am equally amused that the first woman to win Best Director against Mr Cameron is ex-Mrs Cameron...

To be fair to Mr Cameron, I understand he saw what Ms Bigelow thought would be the next-to-final cut of The Hurt Locker and told her not to change one damn thing.

I thought Avatar had an outstanding score, and was a little disappointed that it didn't win that category. OTOH, I haven't heard the one that did...

Must admit that the Avatar score made no impression on me (though scores rarely do) until that dreadful thing over the end credits.

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