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The sun has got his hat on (but it's a rain hat.)
The sun was shining. The sky was blue. We took the dog down to Fairlop Plain. Someone was actually sailing, something I haven't seen since Autumn...


The other yachts at the club were in dock or still moored

At Rest

Someone said on the radio this morning that this had a drier-than-average start to the year.

Tell that to these trees:

Rainwater Reflections

or these

New Pond, Fairlop Plain

No. There were no ponds here before. There have not been ponds here all winter... until a few weeks ago.

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Lovely light; I'm glad you had the chance to enjoy it - and to share it!

It was gorgeous, and made me feel so cheerful.

All that snow and ice melting? The place looks beautiful, even if it's knee-deep. So long as it dries off beore it kills the trees.

The ground was wet after the snow melted, but there has been heavy rain all through February, which has not helped at all.

I am very worried about the many ancient trees in the local woods, many of which have been standing in water for weeks. The local soil is generally heavy clay...

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