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Listening with half an ear to NCIS I just heard Gibbs, a Marine, refer to a submariner as a "sub-marine-er".

Now, I've seen a lot of US films, both fiction and documentaries, about submarines, submariners and the US Navy in general, and am, for my sins, a fan of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea but I have never heard that particular pronunciation anywhere.

Does anyone involved with this particular show actually know anything about the US Navy?

Later: oh, and incidentally, it's been a while since US submarines had to come to periscope depth to communicate with the mainland or other ships. Details are scant, what with military secrets an' all, but even twenty/thirty years ago you could put up a buoy for transmission purposes. Nowadays - use your imagination.

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One person once but I think they shot him.

Compared to their grasp on law....

Maybe US military law is different.


I think even that has to have some sort of sense of natural justice.


Though I notice that US law (as shown on telly) is rather less offended by the thought of bullying confessions out of people than our own dear system.

There's a wonderful episode of Criminal Minds that takes place at GITMO where the interrogation is superbly subtle without a hint of bullying, despite the urgency of that particular situation. However, that is Criminal Minds and not NCIS.

I have always detested the politics and attitude of NCIS...

Edit: I really did have to change the icon...

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I quite enjoy the program for the personality interplay but the politics are loathesome. I can't quite work out whether the current seasons issues with Ziva are part of the right's repositioning with respect to Israel.

The only two characters I actually like are Abby and Ducky, and I hate DiNozzo with a deep hatred (like far too many characters in the show he is a stereotype, and this one the all-American-Lothario is one I particularly detest.)

Oh yes. Patronising and insulting to women.

Series one with dead girl being perved over in a corset and whip was the highlight of that particular trope.

DiNozzo in a corset and whip? Tell me more! [grin]

Ah if only.

So many obnoxious men would be improved by corsetry and ball gags.

Lessons Learned. One of my favorite episodes. The person who wrote it is a former profiler who is an expert in humane interrogation (which works far better than the other kind oddly enough but that kind doesn't give Dick Cheney a thrill).

The proper way to pronounce "submariner" is "crazy."

I'm pretty sure my ex-boyfriend, who was one, pronounces it "sub-marine-er."

Do you pronounce it "sub-mariner"? I've only ever heard it pronounced that way when it's referring to a superhero.

If you do, this is probably one of those US/UK things.

Or am I misunderstanding your query?

I've seen more films and documentaries about submarines than I'd care to name, nearly all of which were US produced and all pronounced it without 'marine' in the middle (sub-mar-i-ner), so I don't think it is particularly a US thing, though it may be an uneducated thing. Why do you think the 'Sub-Mariner' super-villain's name is pronounced the way it is? (Because, obviously this is the way the Marvel people pronounce it, and they know how submariner is pronounced. The character originated in WW2, when, I suspect, people spoke about submariners more often.)

Or possibly a shift in usage?

Or, certainly, I could be wrong. My sample size is limited.

melodyclark is American, to use an even smaller sample.

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