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Not quite the Flood
We didn't drive up to Solihull today because of the weather (two of our committee members live on the South Coast), and the sickness of our Chairman. Instead, the Committee met on-line, and I took the dog for a walk in the rain. The paths in the woods are now all rivers, the ditches and ponds are full to bursting, and there are ponds where there were there were never ponds before. Put your foot down anywhere and you get a squelch. I worry about some of the trees dying from waterlogging around their roots. Draco hated it. At one stage he was looking to pull his dig-himself-a-hole-in-shelter-and-hide trick. That was when he wasn't barking at a group of teenagers who were apparently Orienteering. I think it was their backpacks he took objection to. Luckily, they were too soaked - and lost - to worry about a little dog making a loud noise.

Said little dog also stole and started to eat a potato, which has not done his stomach any good. We gave him a carrot instead, and he promptly ate all of it. Today he has also, so far, torn a half roll of kitchen paper to bits and chewed up a biro. Who'd have terriers? Right now he is sleeping behind my back.

I've been watching a lot of second-season Buffy, and remembering why I loved this show. Also caught up with The Mentalist on Demand Five - Ina is wedded to the sort of Strictly Come Crafting show that Monty Don is doing on BBC2, which is on at the same time. This show would be nothing without Simon Baker, who carries off the 'Mentalist' routines superbly. One of the reasons I like this one is that there is no hint of the supernatural, even though it ain't as easy as Jane makes out.
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I remember that post!

Draco's breeders recommended carrots as chew treats.

'Strictly come Crafting' - ha! Thank you for that.

To be fairm, while there is an element of RealityTV in that three beginners attempt the craft du jour, it's not all tears and tantrums, and the competition element is extremely minor. We're enjoying it, and wondering what the sub-genre name is for Hugh F-W's River Cottage, Green Valley, Victorian Farm, and this... it's Transition Town TV, if they only knew it...

Green TV?

Good Life TV?

Yeah, I know the Monty Don thing is quite good - but once a phrase like that slips into your head, you've got to type it!

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