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(no subject)
As more than one of my photographing friends have pointed out, this year has seen some spectacular sunsets. Here are few recent ones, mainly taken out of the back windows.


Graduated sky

Sunset Strips

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Gorgeous! The south to western view from my window is quite residential and not good for capturing such woody looking sunsets.

We live in a town house with a first floor living room that looks SW, through windows that are fifteen feet wide and six feet high. They look out onto suburban gardens, but those gardens are full of mature trees - and, being a town house, we have another floor to get some height! The result is that I can take pictures that avoid showing the roofscape.

On the other hand, roofscapes and industrial landscapes can be great for sunsets - and those you took at work (?) were super.

Thanks! It's a pity it's more or less the same view everytime.

Oh, I love the tea-like colours in those first two shots expecially, and the whispiness of the clouds in that second one contrasting with the complexity of the sharply-focused tree. Lovely photos. :)

I could wish for a little more depth of field on the second one, but it was taken with a zoom and the light was not good.

Those are fantastic. I want an exhibition of your photos, I really do,

Thank you - but I always feel awed at sbisson's photos.

These are super - the first one is especially good, v. dramatic.

No real credit to me - all mother nature.

Ah, but you had to know when to grab it :-)

Lovely, especially the second.

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