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Recent Local Difficulties
During the recent cold spell, the lake in Hainault Forest Country Park froze almost completely.

We would have fun trying!

Only a small part remained unfrozen, and that was where those birds who hadn't headed for the coast congregated.

Open Water

At one stage someone appears to have tossed in a lifebelt.


Yes, that tiny speck on the ice is a coot.

Coots on the Ice

And an indication of the cold...

Depth of Ice?

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Wow, impressive ice. Love the lifebelt photo and the coots. Nice shot.

The local ponds were solid for weeks, but I did think this lake would be partially clear, because it is deep. However, most of it was solid enough that some fools walked out on it and survived to tell the tale. I suppose about 5% was unfrozen. Of course the heron and the grebes and the cormorants departed at speed - I hope to the big lake at Fairlop.

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