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Alone (with the dog and eight cats.)
inamac went off this morning to an overnighter of pampering arranged by her sister at a Bournemouth hotel. (I suspect it will be mainly in the hotel, having been to rather a lot of filkcons on the South Coast at this time of year in the dim and distant past.) Of course, this had to be the day where Draco's digestive system went haywire overnight and spewed out from both ends. Luckily, he was in his crate, which has a plastic floor but we have had to wash his bed again. Equally luckily, we have a plastic replacement. One or two of the cats look as if they've had problems too, so I suspect it was the chicken we cooked for them yesterday.

Draco is pretty much his normal self, though he is a little more clingy than usual and slept until nearly 11 this morning. Mind you, this may be because HIS MUM is not here and he is having to put up with me. I have been feeding him small amounts of dry food since about 1pm, and he seems okay.

Lots of walkies and chasing his ball.

No more poo or sick. We shall see.

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*luck* on the Draco thing.

How do animals KNOW the worst moment for things like this?

They have an instinct for it.

... and people call pet owners paranoid.

(I've noticed that as soon as they get a pet, their attitude changes. Funny, that.)

Well, of course he waited until Mum was gone. It's much more fun for terriers to harass aunties. lol

Sounds like you're taking care of thing admirably though.

Nope. Draco has decided to have me under his paw for the entire time. He has had lots of food and lots of walkies and has settled behind me every time I sat down on the sofa...

Oooops, hope they all recover quickly.

Draco seems to be all right now, and the cats haven't been sick much today... yet.

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