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The Lupin and Typeface Litters, plus their relations, take to the bed
People tend to boggle when we tell them we have eight cats. There was a short period when we had ten adult cats - and then there was the period when we had four Singapuras, plus four Orientals, plus nine oriental kittens. The result was

This is our bed

Pyanfar insisted on bringing up the typeface litter not in the heated kittening box or the heated bed, but in a Canon printer box. Hence all four tabby kittens got typeface names.

The Typeface Litter at the Milk Bar

Don't ask me which is which here, but they were Inazuma Tahoma Sans, Inazuma Lucida Console (who became a Champion like her mum), Inazuma Garamond (Gary to us - his new owner loved the name but did not dare keep it because she and her husband had a really good friend called Gary, so the kitten became Bertie) and Inazuma Goudy Bold.

The other litter involved were the 'Lupin III' litter, Lupin the Furred, Goemon Ishikawa, Fujiko Ume (Yes, we know the character was not Ume but Mime - however, she was going to be and is called 'Plum' so we went fangirl Japanese and used the word for Plum instead), Daisuke Jigen and Inspector Zenigata.

The Lupin Litter
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What did the hoarde do when you had the audacity to sleep in bed at night?

Sleep on top - what else!?

Beautiful photos, beautiful cats. And great names. :)

The typeface litter provoked a game (notably among a group of Archers fans to which Ina belonged and with whom we once spent a wonderful weekend in Regensberg) whereby stories were written in which the characters had typeface names. We all thought that Tahoma Sans must be a grand lady in the American Deep South and so on...

They're gorgeous - and I love the idea of Typeface names :-)

Naming kittens is one of the fun things about breeding cats.

I'll see your eight cats and raise you six cats and two large dogs (and not that long ago we had four rabbits too).

Mind you, we'd never get all six of ours onto the same bed. Oh no...

And you and bunn also foster, I know.

We also have one small dog, but he's more trouble than the cats have ever been!

Incidentally, two friends of mine who had, at that time, a wonderful set-up with three active toms, who bred Singapuras and Egyptian Maus once ended up with 19 kittens (all Maus) in the house at the same time. (And their cats were all brought up underfoot, as they ought to be.) Mind you, it was her own fault. As each of four queens came on call she shoved them in with the toms, on the basis that, "She won't take, but we might as well try," and "She never has more than two."

Edited at 2010-02-14 10:14 am (UTC)

NINETEEN MAUS! That must have been interesting...

OMG, they are so lovely, all of them. And cat moms with kittens are one of the wonders of the universe.

I love having kittens around the house, but it is also a relief not to have to go through all the hassles of finding a tom, getting the queen pregnant (and it's amazing the way they can come off call on a short car journey), watching her like a hawk from day 60 to day 69, and yelling for the V-E-T if problems occur (both of the above litters were Caesars), making sure the kittens latch on and that they have no congenital problems, sexing them, finding bloody kittens when the queen moves them (amid yells of "Pyanfar, put it back!"), weaning them and making sure they know how to use the litter tray, selling them - and vetting the prospective buyers,

I still miss having kittens around though.

This is exactly why I will never, ever, ever breed cats. Ever.

I've missed out the really heartbreaking stuff.

I'veheard enough about that to put me off as well.

Let's say that having to dispose "humanely" (and realizing that there is no such thing) of a couple of litters, one delivered on the morning of my grandfather's funeral (what with him dying of cancer we hadn't realized Flippi was expecting) cured my family of any ideas we still had at that time that spaying cats was "unnatural" and bad for them.

I can't believe now that there was a time when I argued against spaying my cat. I was a stupid and selfish little girl.

It's when the kittens are born with congenital defects (which, because cats are invested in the having-a-lot style of reproduction happens far too often) and have to be put down immediately or. even worse, when the queen decides that they are either dead or not worth saving and eats them (luckily, we haven't had that one) that really hurts. Because all our kittens were wanted kittens...

Edited at 2010-02-14 05:16 pm (UTC)

It happened to me only twice that one of my cats had a litter than she went on to nurse - and the second time it was a sort of an accident, due to negligent owners (the cat didn't belong to us, although we fed her and she delivered the kittens in our garden).

In both cases they were outside cats, so the problem of finding a tom... let's just say it did not present itself. :-)

But placing the kittens... yes, that would be why we never had another litter.

I still miss them, though. I am still on the books as a fosterer, so I might get more when the season comes. Hell, I am almost certain to get more.

It's no easier (and certainly no cheaper) with pedigree kittens to find the right homes for them. We have been lucky, on the whole.

And it isn't cheap.

I want to stroke their ears so badly that it is making me worry about myself. The stretched out one on the bed would get on very well with our two girls who have perfected their 'You what? Want to sleep here? How novel! Are you sure? We'd just settled in ...'

The stretched one on the bed is Pyanfar who, since she has been neutered, takes up even more space as she is now almost as wide as she is long!

OMGoodness, that's quite the menagerie! And I think the four I have in the house is two too many. *grins*

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