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I'm finding it difficult to cope with this...
But The One Show, discussing werewolves, has just called on "paranormal expert Lionel Fanthorpe."

Incidentally, has Lionel dropped the 'Reverend'? Been defrocked? Inquiring minds need to know.

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They actually have a paranormal expert (as if there was such a thing) on a show about werewolves? What's next, an accountant discussing how many angels can fit on the head of a pin?

The One Show is a magazine programme on the BBC which today was 'doing werewolves' because the new movie, The Wolfman is released here today (to, it has to be said, a deafening chorus of "Uh?" from the critics.)

Lionel Fanthorpe is a British fannish institution. See the wikipedia entry.


He's a nice bloke, and he did once make himself into an expert on debunking The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail but he really, really cannot write, even when given more than a weekend to produce a novel.

I hope he's still a Reverend, since he performed my brother's marriage ceremony (I managed not to say 'he married my brother', in spite of being very tired) only a few years ago.

It wouldn't make any difference if he had been defrocked after your brother's wedding.

Good grief. I'm familiar with the name as a hack SF writer. I didn't know that he was a Reverend, let alone that he was an expert on anything other than writing quickly.

Personally, I wouldn't call him an 'expert' on anything, but I'm mean...

I noticed he was still wearing a dog collar. Apt, really.


Ina observed the same thing. I was laughing too hard to notice.

Oh, that's wonderful. Possibly The One Show felt that his religious affiliations might be inappropriate to the item. But you're right, we need to know.

I suspect the CofE wouldn't have been very pleased to be associated with a bestubbled Lionel making faces at the camera from odd angles in a make-believe graveyard.

Paranormal expert? *Boggles*.

I am ashamed to say I thought the Rev was dead!

No, live and kicking and making faces at the camera...

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