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Happy Birthday Steamshovelmama!
May you have a good one.

Ingatestone  08 Yellow Rose

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Awww! Thankyou! I didn't realise we were only a day apart...

Oh, lord, forty-one...

And twenty years! I am sixty-one today, Ghu help me.

I am not usually the sort of woman who concerns herself with aging or that kind of thing but turning forty last year was surprisingly unpleasant! Fortunately I have a lot of friends to say, "Forty - you child!" Which is all very nice and useful.

I am trying not to think about fifty and sixty which suddenly seem all too close... OTOH with an increasing lifespan, sixty is a great deal younger than it used to be! (It had better be as it looks like I'll be working until I'm 70).

I would be worried about the similarity of some of our views on Life, the Universe and Everything if it wasn't for the fact that our character traits, as evidenced on LJ, are so far from the standard astrological descriptions of what my Mum used to call "Acquariums" that we can both stand as good evidence for the stupidity of same.

Oddly enough, for me the "Oh my God," age was thirty - half of sixty. I don't feel like 61, but then I remember the research project where they asked people of varying ages at what point they thought people grew up. Funnily enough, even for the sixty and seventy year olds it was ten years older than their own age!

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