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My Weekend, and some catty dilemmas.


We did get some things done. Jean chopped up her old mattress and we took it to the 'recycling centre' in batches, which meant that the springs could actually be recycled!

I planted up some violas in a small fibreglass rock pot and relocated it to the back garden. Watered (by watering can) them plants as needed it and de-bugged the roses and lavender, which are both about to burst into flower. Re-trained both the clematis and the grape vine which were going where they shouldn't.

I also made sure all shreds of glass and splinters of wood from the removal of the old back door and study windows prior to the installation of the new ones last Tuesday had gone from inside the study and outside on the deck and patio, then taught Pyanfar and Kurt to use the new cat flap. Zara already knew. Casino refused to learn. Everyone else appeared uninterested in GREAT OUTDOORS – soon to be much restricted outdoors. Quote failed to appear from Bransby Bunny so have no idea when outdoors will be restricted or how much it will cost us.


Did not go to the seminar on Singapuras and other furrrin breeds as ought to have done, mainly because we'd left it too late to get tickets. (Turned out this was a Good Thing. The tutor on Singapuras was a distinguished judge well known for his Firm Views, most of which I respect. Normally, I greatly value any comments he makes on my cats, particularly the Orientals. However, I had disagreed quite strongly and very vocally on a couple of points when his judging notes on some Singapuras I am familiar with were printed in 'Our Cats'. Basically, he is marking cats down for a 'fault' (heavy knee barring on the hind legs, and heavy barring on the inside front legs) that the Breed Standard regards as a virtue – I ought to know. I helped write it – and what we have all been breeding for. If I'd gone, I'd've argued with him. As it was, another took him on on that very point. Rather him than me.)

Instead picked up Jean's new glasses. (Mine are still not ready! Whaaaa!) Bought lots of books and some bedding. Make note of light fitting that may end up in dining area. Tried spiffing looking seating in Harrison Gibson and found uncomfortable. Ate lunch at decent American Diner, then back home and sat reading in the garden until time for dinner, which we also ate in the garden.

I'd also ordered a case of English wine (Ragstone) made by the guy who used to import and sell us most of our good wine and he left it in the porch with a note. Had a bottle of his very nice white with dinner.

Late at night got phone call from cat breeder from whom hoping to buy tom kitten. Tom kitten not, in her (very expert) opinion going to be good enough. Offered me chance to buy adult young boy – already Champion – of same (very compatible) breeding. Discussed with Jean, and we're still thinking about it, though we will go and see him. This throws us out, as we hoped to be able to integrate a kitten fully with the household cats before he had to go into a run. Also looking forward to more kitten classes – and to having a boy Singapura kitten around. Plans also included taking Zara to another boy and keeping a girl if we were lucky enough to get one. Taking on an adult lad would be more difficult both for us and him. Not sure at all…


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