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Computer Fail: the Sequel
Took machine back to PC World.

PC World told me that the Security System couldn't have told me to partition the hard disk.

Took it away from me. Said he had restored the factory settings and re-partitioned the hard disk. Actually seems to have turned off the Samsung Recover prog and restored it to the way I left it before it started going round in ever decreasing circles. That's fine. I'm going to remove the Samsung backup and restore function myself, now I have discovered the Win 7 version which I understand, and which I actually used to make system backups.

This morning managed, with some difficulty to connect to the Internet wireless router, mainly by removing everything I had done previously and starting again. As it happens, a DVD disk from Computer Shopper had Firefox on it, so installed that. Then the AVG disk came through the post, so I tried to install that without going on the Internet. Unfortunately, my machine wouldn't read their DVD, so downloaded same - then had three tries trying to install it - why? Well, I had deliberately bought the version without MacAfee, so what do I find but MacAfee is running and even updating itself, in all its unwanted glory. I try to uninstall. It won't. I reboot. Uninstall MacAfee, which this time allows the process, though it wails at me that I am leaving myself totally unprotected.

Reboot yet again for the uninstall to take effect.

Run AVG install yet again - and this time it actually works, though it turns off the MS Firewall (so I wasn't unprotected and, indeed, the router also has a Firewall, thanks.

I am now actually using the Internet and the new computer.

If only I can remember my passwords...

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I'm glad it's finally sorted. Such things are the stuff of screaming.

I screamed. The cats left the room, the dog started barking, Ina told me to shut up...

You deserve a large glass of wine . . .

Glad you've got it sorted. But now you know why I don't use Windows - it's pants. An operating system should do what you want it to, and only what you want it to. Hence my occasional advocacy of Linux :-)

I keep wanting MS DOS back. I understood MS DOS.

Actually, I stick with Windows because I can't live without Excel.

Sadly that's one of the main reasons a lot of people can't switch - they have one app they really can't do without :-(


All hail the returning computer.

And I can never remember my passwords (which is why I have so many sticky notes on my screen).

See how easy it all is :-)

Yes, well, this bloke also told me I couldn't delete Samsungs recovery prog, but I'm pretty sure it can be Uninstalled perfectly simply (and I do like Win 7's Uninstall app.)

Glad you made it out! [LJ ate my first, longer, comment, with no provocation, so all that's gone for ever.]

Hope it gave LJ indigestion!

My whole damn notebook seems to have indigestion. LJ probably has a cast-iron stomach, though.

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