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I bought a new laptop last week.

Today, having bought two new licences (one for me and one for Ina) from my preferred security supplier, I sallied forth to set up the system.

And I buggered it.

This was because it never occurred to me that a reliable supplier (Samsung) would supply a recovery system that required half of a 500 Gig hard disk. I misread the partitioning instructions, then had to go through an initial recovery backup to get into Win7 at all. When the system stubbornly refused to connect to my wireless internet, I foolishly asked it to go back to the recovery - and it then went into a continuous loop! I can make a system backup on other media, but the disk partition is permanent unless it is low level formatted, and I am always thrown into the recovery programme, which I want removed, at once, never to be seen again.

I can get into programme manager, but cannot identify the files I want shut down.

Besides, I am hopeless at this kind of thing.

This morning, Zara made an attempt not to chew through the mouse cable (which is satisfyingly retractable) but the supply cable. In fact, I am going to have to use electric cable wrap to save it.

Looks like PC World tomorrow in the hope their boys can remove this sodding recovery software and leave me with a partitioned hard disk I might be able to run properly.

Yes, I'm an idiot.

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Makes me gad to be a Linux user.

If you just want to blow away the recovery partition, then repartition to your own specification and install Win7, you might find it worth your while to check out this:


The SystemRescue LiveCD is a bootable CD rescue system, mainly for data crashes, but it includes partitioning tools and supports NTFS.

But even if you don't want it use it now, it's worth having one, even as a Windows user, because you can use it for data recovery and other repair tasks , and it's bootable to a straightforward GUI.

Hmmm. Could I use it to clear everything out of the D partition and delete the recovery software, I wonder?

Probably, though you'd need to be cautious, and make sure you didn't touch the boot partition. You could certainly use it to check out the state of your partition table. I wouldn't delete the actual partition but remove its contents and use the space for your own files.

I resent the way computers are sold as general consumer items, but actually require a degree of expertise to set up. You're not an idiot, ergo if the system makes you feel like one, the system is at fault.

I HATE setting up computers. At work, some 25 years ago, I had to build up two desktops from scratch, including installing the hard drives, because the money had come from outside the Directorate, and our techies therefore refused to have anything to do with it. I low-level formatted one of those disks by mistake but, luckily, there wasn't any installed software...

You're not an idiot. The people who make and sell these things are. Make it work out of the box, and talk to everything else, and use the same sodding cable FOR EVERYTHING.

I feel like an idiot, though - and I am going to look like an idiot at PC world...

Your real concern is that you're going to be dealing with idiots at PC world who won't know how to put it right...... ;-)

You need a PhD in Computer Science, plus the services of a geeky small boy to set a damn computer up!

It's one of the many reasons I've always bought Apple Macs. You take them out of the box, you plug them in, they work . . .

If I could afford a MacBook Air with a similar spec I would have bought it. However...

I've always coveted one of those. Until I win the lottery, it will have to be the ordinary MacBook, which I have to say I've always been very happy with.

There is no way Samsung needs a 250gb recovery partition. The usual size is less than 8 gb. If they did need that much they'd be out of business in a few days

I don't know what's going on, but that is crazy

Usually, they cut large disks into two to speed access. You should have had a system disk C and a data disk D (Both the same disk physically) and perhaps a recovery disk. I never bother with them as its easier to rebuild the system yourself rather than use recovery.

The recovery software runs when you start up - and you can't stop it running. It won't work if the disk hasn't been partitioned with a D: drive of at least 450gb of usable space.(i.e. when you ask it to recover it goes into a continuous loop.) I made the mistake of asking for a C: drive that was a tad - and only a tad - bigger than the D: drive.

Of course, if bloody Win 7 had let me connect to the internet - which it refused flatly to do (oh, it saw the router and happily picked up the key, but won't connect!)- I wouldn't have got into the continuous loop where the backupruns but won't backup. I put the system files on a flash drive and booted from those, but it still does into the recovery prog loop...

You shouldn't have to low level format a disk to remove a partition, they are two different layers of logic.

Samsung should be able to send you the recovery on DVD, though it may take a while.

I don't want the bloody recovery - I want said bloody recovery prog removed, at once, from the hard disk.

My boyfriend, who is a techie, struggled with his laptop and Windows7, so don't worry, it's not you that's stupid, it's programmers who think they know what you want and actually don't.

While it was still working and not in a recovery-fail loop, I couldn't log on to the internet. I still can't figure out why. It could see the router, and I had entered the key. It said it was 'partially connected' but Explorer couldn't see it, and the supplied software from Samsung was no help...

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