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(no subject)
This is the third post in a row about death, in one way or another.

Those of you who follow matociquala will remember her raving, justly, about the performance of a mare called Blue Hors Matine, in the dressage at the 2006 World Equestrian Games, where she won silver and bronze medals, and wowed the audience.

Unfortunately, soon after she injured herself, never recovered properly and last year was retired to stud. But bad luck still followed her. A couple of weeks ago she broke a leg while out at grass and had to be put down. She was only 13, which, for a dressage horse, is right in her prime.

A great pity. She was a lovely, talented mare.

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Bugger. I was watching that video again just the other week. She was *so* in time with the music. :(

That is so sad. She was a beautiful creature.

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