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Kage Baker
Kage Baker has just died after a long battle with cancer. (SFWA information here

http://www.sfwa.org/2010/01/rip-kage-baker-1952-2010/ )

I never met Kage but she was one of the very few writers of historically-based SF that I could actually read without hurling the book across the room (a fate that befell at least one Hugo winner). In the Garden of Iden, the first of her labyrinthine Company novels is superb, and she also wrote about a future Britain with a superbly satiric and accurate eye. Her imagination was weird, and her writing truly funny. She also wrote some really good (and, again, funny) fantasy novels.

I am very sorry there will be no more, but she did get to finish the long and complex story of the Company. Because of that, she leaves a very satisfying body of work that is complete in itself. It is some consolation, if not much.

The year has not started well.

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very not good news. (the only upside is that there's no pain)

I remember reading in the intro that the story with the grapes, was first told to Kage Baker's mother on her deathbed (a story which was only later written up)....which makes me wonder if anyone told a story to the dying Kage Baker.

Edited at 2010-02-01 08:14 am (UTC)

The world is always poorer when it loses a gifted writer. And dying at 57 is tragic for anyone.

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