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We have power!
Or rather, the firm from which I bought the new adaptor - the old one having failed suddenly - for this computer came through within 24 hours and I now have internet access. Mind you, the touchpad is knackered, and I have had to borrow a mouse from Ina, my own having had its wire bitten through by Zara, who has had a go at this one too.

I have things I want to write about, but I hope nothing too awful happened on the internets while I was away. We are making progress on some fronts - mainly the garage conversion and mainly because Ina got her act together even as I failed with mine.

Oh, and the second part of the Lawrence documentary was just as good as the first. Likewise the Chemistry series is first class, and so is the one of the Rift Valley. I admit not to knowing that Servals were melanistic in the Ethiopean highlands, for a start.

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Congratulations on being in circulation again.

If you need a cat to do for your mouse, you're lucky. (Though I hope Zara doesn't kill this one soon.) I've gone through at least six mice in under three years, and not a cat in sight.

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