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Things you never knew existed...
We were out today walking Draco on Fairlop Plain and, as we ambled around the lake towards the main building complex we heard a lot of noise. It was not until we were right on top of it that we found it was a group of blokes racing model cars over a track of banks and bumps. It was great to watch...

There she blows

Over his head

I wouldn't mind a go at that!

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Great photos!

They look expensive don't you think?

Kits start, on a quick internet search, from about £100. Of course, then you have to build the machine, and tune it, and learn to race it...

Wow, lovely shot that second one. Caught it just right. Was that just good timing or a burst shot setting?

So these are alcohol-fueled combustion engines? Very neat. Love the little puff of exhaust.

They seem to be two-stroke, fueled by a mixture of oil and methanol, with added nitro methane. The Fairlop club has a spiffing site


which goes into far too much detail!

I wasn't burst shooting, but I did take a lot of shots to get the four I finally put up in Flickr, though we weren't there that long, having Draco in tow.

That snow seems to have disappeared.

It's fun watching this stuff for a while, but can you afford to develop another obsession? Maybe someone would let you play with his darling before you got too heavily invested.

Yes, the snow has gone. Now what we have is lots of mud and standing water. Some of the ponds still have ice on them, though at least they are no longer frozen solid.

I understand that it's building the cars that gets obsessive - racing them is just a bonus. As I said, I wouldn't mind a go, but I doubt I'd get that involved.

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