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Lupin the Furred
If Neko was a super kitten, the outstanding one in that litter, and one of the most outstanding ones we ever bred, was

Lupin the Furred

Inazuma Lupin the Furred. He was quite successful as a show cat in his day, as can be seen from the cage shot below.

A Good Day for Lupin at the TPS&PB

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That shot really is beautiful - what a leonine nose!

It's the expression that's utterly typical. He was and is an incredibly gentle cat.

What an utterly superb puss.

He's now owned and loved by purpletigron and is more often known as Wong!

Also a very loving, friendly and noisy cat! (Having shared a sleeping bag with him once, I can testify that he is an epic purrer.)

I shared my bed with him for the first eighteen months of his life, and I still love him to bits. I'm just glad he has a marvellous home.

He is simply gorgeous! But I have to say this is the first cat I have ever seen work The Puppy Dog Eyes of Soulful Doom so masterfully. That deserves a rosette of its own! *g*

Absolutely true. Yet he was and is a cheerful boy who loves play, people and other cats.

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