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Not Ross
Whenever I see this shot of mine, which I have just uploaded off CD, my immediate thought is, "What a nice shot of Ross." Then I think, "Hang on, we've never had cushions like that or a sofa in that colour." It then hits me that this is Neko, in his home just outside Grimsby, where he went to live with his sister, Plum, and an old Havana girl and a Russian Black Terrier. He is Lupin's litter-brother, which means Ross is actually his uncle. However, he is a deal ringer for his uncle at that age (about nine months.) His people wanted a spotty girl, and bought Plum, but they were so entranced by Neko (or Goemon as he was then known) that they rang up when halfway back to Lincolnshire to beg for him too.

Study in Browns (Neko)

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He is a very handsome boy.

Such a handsome cat!

He could have easily won his quota of Intermediate Certificates, and did win the one kitten class he was entered for. However, the Northern Oriental fraternity were not welcoming, and his owners did not show him again.

Indeed! Oddly enough, the registered names of that litter were based on the Lupin the Third anime series, and therefore he started off with the name of a Samurai, and exchanged it for the Japanese for cat.

Beautiful kitty, beautiful shot.

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