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The Scene on My Bed Every Morning and Night
The Mafia Wait for Treats

There'll be three Singapuras sitting in various interesting positions as well...

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That cries out for a caption! They look like they're conferring on shady business *g*.

Not for nothing are they known as the "Oriental Mafia" in this household.

Cats make all things better.

And these little guys are adorable.

Adorable my foot! They're about to mug me for treats!

They're always adorable before they strike. lol

They are holding a committee meeting?

(And I love how sleek their coats look, they all have such richness.)

At the moment the coats are very thick, because, though they are indoor cats, we don't keep the place that warm. But 'sleek' is right. Kurt, the Havana (the brown one far left) has wonderful colour.

Much more comfortable than I will be when they start wandering all over me.

Ganging up on you huh?

I am totally outnumbered and had all 5 visit my bedroom this morning when I was still abed at 8am.

I made the mistake of feeding them treats for a couple of weeks. They then decided to turn up every morning and evening (from 4am in the morning) for said treats, singing, mentally, "And we won't go until we've got some, so bring some out here!"

Rod for my own back.

It's the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee!

Subtract 2 cats and add 2 dogs and that's my bed...

Though we have another four cats, our situation is not as dire as yours. After all, I share a house with Ina, which means there are two double beds in different rooms for them to migrate between, and our eight cats put together are not, in all probability, as large as either of your two dogs. (Dracopup sleeps in his crate.)

They are great at taking up space, though.

They are really beautiful cats, but they're obviously up to no good! *g*

They are never up to good.

If we had continued to breed cats, one of the pedigree names we had lined up was "Inazuma Mischief Managed."

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