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Snow Post
There was a couple of inches overnight, but it started snowing again at 8am and only stopped half an hour ago.

We took Draco for his walk with the snow still falling...

Throw the ball!

I must admit to an inability to resist Ina's red brolly against the snow.

The red brolly

In the woods, the ponds - including the lake at Hainault - have been frozen solid for a couple of weeks. Today, there was snow on the the ice...

Snow on the Pond

Oh, and this is how our garden looks, after I had shaken the snow off the olive trees...

Out of the Back Window Jan 10

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You should try the foot of snow I woke to this morning

Snow, hate it

I suspected as much. I don't have to drive...

The red brolly is irresistible.

Snow, not so much so...

It is getting a tad wearing, isn't it?

Really, that second photo with the brolly - perfect. I love the way the black and white of a snowscape makes colours brighter and more intense.

So do I - and it's there is your photo of your postie too.

*snigger* Just you wait. 300 photos. That's all I'm saying. ;)

Beautiful pictures.

And Draco looks like he's taking to snow okay now. :)

Dracopup now loves snow. It is rain he can't stand.

Lovely pics! The middle two are especially good.

Thank you - I have just seen yours and added you as a contact on Flickr on the strength of them.

Looking at your garden under snow (such a contrast to last summer!) gives me the cold shudders. Though it looks well enough impressive.

I bet the cats aren't using the outdoor runs in this season.

Not a going-out-in-snow person!

Lovely pics, though, esp Ina + brolly against the woods. That deep foreground really makes it.

(edited to show the intended icon)

Edited at 2010-01-07 03:35 am (UTC)

The table where we ate has now got four inches of snow on it...

Much as I like bit of snow, I must admit I'd like it to go away now.

I love that pic of Ina and her brolly against snow-covered trees, that's really good.

I rather wish it would go away too. We missed fjm's party because of it. And the Singapura Cat Club will be out of pocket because our annual show, and the other shows that run at the same time in the same hall had to be cancelled.

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