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I don't care much about the Honours List but...
I note that Peter Jackson has been knighted in the New Zealand New Year honours list. It seems appropriate.

I also much appreciate that Ross Brawn has been honoured with an OBE. Well deserved.

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Especially good to see Ross Brawn get something, given how integral he has been to the successful teams of the last couple of decades.

Not quite sure about Peter Jackson - I've only really become aware of him since Lord of the Rings made it big, but given his position in the film world and the relative size of the New Zealand film industry (and how it's been boosted by PJ's influence) then yes, I can go with that.

I'm very happy to see Patrick Stewart knighted, not because of TNG, but because I like to see the actors with a long and continuing stage career get recognition. Where would we be without an RSC full of knighted lovies? Spitting Image has much to answer for, but it was absolutely spot-on with the lovey brigade. Enter, Sir Patrick Lovey, to join Sir Anthony Lovey, Sir Ian Lovey and Lord Richard Lovey - the Next Generation of elder statesmen of the stage. :)

I'm not sure if Peter Jackson was knighted for his services to film, to the New Zealand film industry or New Zealand tourism. A case could be made for all three.

I'm not a great Patrick Stewart fan, I have to admit.

Yes, Sir Patrick Stewart! Yay! Short bald Yorkshire lad makes good! There's hope for BB yet!

Hmmm, not sure that I consider 5'10" to be 'short' for a bloke, *checks*, yup, apparently the average male height for the UK is 5'9", so he's slightly taller than average. :) It's just that Jonathan Frakes is, *checks* , 6'4" and Michael Dorn 6'2", and even Brent Spiner is 5'11" so he didn't really have a hope.

But yay for yorkshire lad makes good, indeed. From what I've heard of his start in both life and career, he's worked his a*** off for it.

Is he really 5'10"? Or is that just what his biog says. I've seen him on stage a few times and he's not what I think 5'10" looks like. I'd have guessed more 5'8" - but never mind... working next to tall actors (and actresses) can make things appear different.

Yes he certainly seemed to work for his success. Apparently he was at drama school with Brian Blessed. That must have been hard work in itself!
Such different characters!!! (But both lovely!)

I remember seeing him first a Sejanus in 'I Claudius' - complete with blond curls.

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