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Reaction to the end of the can of Tennant extra.
Bloody hell, just when you think RTD can't get any more self-indulgent this comes along. The two episodes could have been cut to one 50 minute episode with no loss and much gain.

And do the idiots have to quote Star Wars all the way through? Does anyone in BBC Wales have any imagination? Don't answer that...

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LOL, yes, that about sums up my reaction. The ending seemed wholly tacked on and out of place.

zanda_myrande was moved to verse at


He sums the whole NuWho enterprise up beautifully.

The reaction on calapine's journal is pretty good too.


He was going for more endings than LOTR's

It was close but I think LOTR's wins on tedium

I'm not sure who wins, though I agree with you entirely - LOTR ought to have stopped at the Wedding. However, the SFX and the acting were better there.

It is a bit much when Timothy Dalton acts David Tennant off the screen.

Yep, spotted the Star Wars refs... And about 10 minutes before the end I was saying, "For god's sake get on with it!"

But RTD is gone. The Moff is a much better skiffy writer. We live in hope!

All praise to The Moff! Things can only go up from here. :0)

Indeed, we live in hope, and I have hopes of Matt Smith.

I don't think you could fail to spot the Star Wars refs. Pity it was the worse episode of SW. In fact I was waiting for a clone of Jar Jar Binks to turn up - I suspect that he ended up on the cutting room floor - in favour of another ten minutes of Tennangst.

He was an unconscionable time dying, wasn't he? I could have done without the Farewell Tour. Also without the Doctor / Master slashiness. But I liked the green people. (Possibly I haven't seen enough Star Wars, but I don't plan to fix that).

It was pretty dire, and very manipulative. And I strongly suspect George Lucas could sue!

The really, really sad thing for me all along has been there have been so many eps that could have been really good in the hands of a better writer, but RTD doesn't seem to grasp that a good plot is always better than a half-baked one. Ah well.

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