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A Belated Happy New Year to You All
Before I go and make dinner, after a day sorting out my wardrobe, I must wish you all a great 2010. I keep telling myself it can't be worse than 2009...

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Happy New Year to you as well; thank you.

I think for it to be worse, Gordon Brown would have to become Prince Consort. ;)

is that a cross between "snerk" and "sporks!/forks!" ?

either way, Happy New Year, my friend.

If 2010 is worse than 2009, don't expect to see me around - I'll have run away to a desert island or something. Mind you, if I did you can bet that the train would never turn up and, once I'd walked all the way to the sea, the boat would sink.

So I seriously hope that 2010 is the start of a run of decent years, for all of us. About 30 of them should see me out.

but we want you to have more than just thirty more years.

so....if 30 decent years is all you can take, I'm going to have to hurry up my plans for world domination.

Happy New Year. And I do hope it's a better one for all of us.

I sincerely hope 2010 *will* be better!

Happy new year. And I've enjoyed the lively debate and all your photos on your LJ during 2009 . . .

Cameron will do for 2010 unless England win the World Cup

I shall keep my paws crossed for a better year!

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