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Happy [Insert Festival of Choice] to All
Christmas 2009

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Happy [Insert Festival of Choice] to All

Thank you and to you and yours. What a stunning photo - excellent balance of exposures and depth of field. Much impressed. :)

It's an old photo, taken on film with my trusty Pentax SF7, a camera I have kept and still, occasionally, wish they would duplicate for digital. That one was taken with available light coming through our big window (it's 15 feet across and 6 high) and a white light on the tree uplighting Xolo - from the same series as the one I'm using as a Christmas userpic. Come to think of it, Ina uses another one of Xo from that series as her Christmas userpic.

Edited at 2009-12-24 04:02 pm (UTC)

I hope you guys have a lovely two days (and beyond).

If you want a belated birthday pressie, I will attempt to write something for you in the fandom of your choice...


I decided against putting up trees this year partly because I'm going to be away for a big chunk of the holidays but mostly because at the moment I have four cats aged 2 and under (and two aged 6, who are well in touch with their inner kitten) and I fear for the damage to my home.

Happy holidays to you both.

I didn't get down to Big Yellow Storage before the snow fell, so we are not DECORATED this year.

We tend to spray the tree with Bitter Apple, and all our cats avoid same.

Xolo was only a year old when this photo was taken! Quillan, the cat in my Christmas icon, was only six months old. Now he's a Grand Premier with one Reserve Imperial and a nasty mouth disease which means he's on steroids and immune from showing...

Happy [Festival of Choice]!

Hope Christmas is going well for you!

You mean apart from Dad nearly killing us all while we took the dog for a walk? We won't make the mistake of going out together for air and a natter again. He decided to make a cup of tea, ignored the electric kettle and turned on the rings on the gas stove - leaving the unlit grill partially on. The gas boiler is also in the kitchen - from which I am trying to bar him completely - and luckily we came back to a smell of gas and not an explosion.

Happy Holidays :-) Lovely festive pic.

It was Xolo's first Christmas - and Quillan's.

I hope you and yours had a good time.

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