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Walking the dog in a winter wonderland
We didn't have a great deal of snow, but the Chigwell Row woods this morning under the sunshine were spectacularly beautiful.

snow in chigwell row wood 003

snow in chigwell row wood 032

snow in chigwell row wood 035

snow in chigwell row wood 040

snow in chigwell row wood 041

snow in chigwell row wood 051

Old Pollard

Oh, and Dracopup has changed his mind about snow.

Draco loes the snow

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Gorgeous! And I love the last pic . . .

Snowed here for a couple of hours this afternoon, but didn't settle.

It was melting rapidly here before the night closed in.

That's lovely, and Draco seems much happier about the snow than Ish and Horus (Moon is simply pretending that outside is not there).

Cats here are hogging the radiators.

Oh wow...

I was driving through snowy woods on the way to work this morning, and so wanted to get out and take pictures. England looks so beautiful in the snow...

Snow makes any landscape looks stunning.

He's obviously happier now that he hasn't got any balls to be frozen off... *g*

If you think I'm going to touch that remark with a bargepole, you're crazy.

He had the stitches out yesterday.

These are lovely photos. Although I did wonder, as LJ didn't log me in properly and when I tried to access these, a huge warning came up to the effect that I was about to view adult content and that I needed to click on the 'you are over 16' or whatever button.

Having viewed these highly erotic images of snow and Dracopup and OMG, trees! - I can see why. Er, not.

But thank you for the pics, which are wonderful!


As an ancient media fanwriter, there are - very occasionally - times when the content of this 'ere journal can edge towards an 18 rating. As none of my flist are under 21 - I think the youngest is 22 - and I can't be bothered to guard that occasional post under LJ's arcane system, I just avoid trouble by putting the whole journal under the "may contain adult material" security. I have occasionally been confronted by this myself which reminds me to make sure I am logged in.

Beautiful photos!

It's snowing here--or was half an hour ago. It's dark by now, though, so no pics of that.

Ah, that explains an earlier encounter I had puzzled over. :) Fair enough. Makes perfect sense now.

Especially #2, and 4, and 5, and 7. Tied for favourite between 5 and 7. The warmth of the wood offsets the brightness of snow and sky. Wonderful photos. Really nice composition and exposures. Xmas card fodder for next year?

Pauline Baynes used pollarded trees for some of her Narnia illustrations - and they also appear in Arthur Rackham's work - they are very much a man-made phenomenon so not quite the right image for 'wild woods' - but I have a theory that the sort of woods that fairy tale characters inhabited were probably coppiced (all those charcol burners and helpful woodsmen...)

Yes, I think 'wild' woods is more about what lives in them than that they grow wild. after all, given how *long* the UK countryside has actually been managed ... :)

Thank you. It really was a folk tale landscape, and the glow on the horizon lingered for hours.

Considering that Ina actually made the Narnia remark herself at one stage....

Ah well, great minds and all that. Well done for getting out there and taking the photo-op! Though I'm sure it won't be the last one of the winter.

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