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Dracopup does not like the wet, cold... or snow.
I took Dracopup down to the garden a little while ago for a pee. There was a small amount of snow on the ground and flakes falling.

We then had an equally small altercation, which, being on the business end of the lead, I won. It was only when it became clear that he would not be allowed back in the house until he performed that he deigned to lift his leg.

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Many dogs are very odd regarding snow. When it's first falling, they'll sniff at it and back-off suspiciously like it's falling toxic waste and later, they'll romp around in it like little kids.

He did actually get used to it when out for his long walk. However, he does not like to get his paws vet.

Ah I remember this with the lab. Wouldn't do his duty if it was cold, and then tried to wee on two legs.

Even when it's not cold, Draco occasionally does 'handstands' on his front paws when pooing...

Sorry, TMI.

Also possibly NC17...

I'm trying to envisage that... and failing. Ah you mean he does the crouching thing, and then lifts the back paws off. I had visions of him standing on his front paws with back legs in the air and couldn't see how...

yes, well.

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