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Xolo's first litter
All the Kittens

From Pyanfar's first litter, we had kept the chocolate spotted tabby girl, Xolocolat, known as Xolo, or Creaky Hinge, who did some winning as a kitten, then lost her spots, but who has a lovely temperament and can purr for England. Xolo's first litter consisted of three chocolate tabbies (two boys and a girl) and a Havana girl. Apart from the girl, we found it difficult to name them, which was very odd for us. The larger tabby boy was known as BDT for Big Dark Tabby, and when we came to officially register him, we used this, but added the name his new family had chosen, Tai. He became Inazuma Beedeetai. His sister, who was "the girl tabby", went to the same people, and was to be called Sui. She became Inazuma Sui Dotmatrix. In the end, we called the third tabby kitten after his Dad (Silkpaws Renegade), whose pet name is Renny, so he became Inazuma Rennyanydots. The Havana was different - we had set a precedent of naming Havanas after X-Men with Storm, and we had left one of the most important BBC board posters out of messageboards litter - and, though she used a number of aliases, she had been using Dark Phoenix quite a lot, so the kitten just had to be Inazuma Dark Phoenix (or Phoens, to us, "Jean" being unavailable for reasons those who know us personally will understand.)

I don't seem to have many photos of this litter, but there are a couple more, and Phoens's heartwarming story behind the cut.


The one below appears to be Sui.

Tabby on the cat stand

And I think this one is BDT.

Sleepy Tabby

And this is undoubtedly Dark Phoenix.


We sold the tabbies fairly early in the proceedings but, surprisingly, no-one wanted Phoens. We had no intention of keeping her because, though she had a lovely personality, she wasn't (and isn't) a particularly good example of the breed. (Head shape all wrong.) The tabbies had all gone off to their homes, when we suddenly received a phone call. Did we have any kittens?

Well, yes, we had one.

Could they come and see it that day? (It was a Saturday.) We said yes, and, about four hours later, a grey-haired couple arrived, together with their son, who turned out to be a vet. They took to Phoens immediately - and we took to them, but we have a rule about not selling kittens and letting people take them away with them.

This is what these people wanted to do, because they had come from the South Coast. However, they had come prepared for resistance from us, and had pictures of their two Orientals, one of which, a Havana girl, had just died. They also had her pedigree with them, and we softened further when we recognised the breeding, and that they had been sold the now-deceased girl by friends. It turned out that the chap had had a stroke some six months before, and was still recovering. The cat who had recently died had been his best friend through his illness, never leaving his side. He knew he could not replace her... but... Their other cat, a ten year old Tom, was in mourning for his friend, too.

Oh, hell. It was the first time we broke the rule (though it wasn't the last.) They took Phoens with them.

The next we heard from them was when we received a series of pictures, and a letter thanking us - because Phoens had, indeed, become the gentleman's best mate. The pictures showed her in harness, walking round the garden with him, sniffing the flowers. She had also made immediate friends with the boy cat, and the two played together happily.

However, the story does not end there. A few months later, when we were away from home, we picked up a message on our answerphone from one of the country's top Oriental breeders. When we got in touch with her, we found she had been trying to contact us to confirm that we had sold Phoens to these nice people who were looking urgently for a kitten, their old boy having died. We confirmed they were wonderful and Jane confirmed she had sold them one of her superb silver-shaded boys.

Then they rang us. They had tried to contact us to see if we had any kittens, but we had been away, and they had presumed - rightly - that that meant we hadn't. What they wanted to tell us, though, was that Phoens loved the new boy, and that, when they had looked up their old lad's papers to show Jane, they had found, to their astonishment, that he and Phoens were half-siblings - they were both by Silkpaws Renegade. So their old lad had had a couple of years with his half sister...

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They are so, so beautiful!

Indeed. I miss having very young kittens around - but not the vet bills.

I think that Phoens justifies all the heartache and the hassle in the years we spent breeding kittens, and the difficulties in weeding out unsuitable buyers ...

Pretty kittenses, and what a lovely story!

Thank you. In some ways Phoens is the best kitten we bred, ever, in the service she did her owners.

Cutest! Most adorable awesomeoness! Yay kitties!


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