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What with all the worry on the Lupin front (fingers and toes still crossed) and the necessity of keeping Ross-the-giant-Caramel-Oriental from menacing the two older Singapura girl neuters, Ellie and Kero, both of whom are on permanent medication, the last thing I needed was a phone call from Rose, with more cat integration problems.

Rose bought two Caramel Oriental Spotted Tabby boys from last year's litters - Inspector Zenigata (one of Lupin's brothers) and his month younger uncle, Goudy Bold (all the kittens in that litter were called after typefaces, as their mother insisted on bringing them up in a Canon printer box.) They are now called Vincent (originally Vinnie, after Vinnie Jones) and Jimmy (don't ask.)

As an aside, for some reason the kittens from the Lupin litter seemed to end up with new names with gangster associations - their brother Jigen ended up as Charlie, with Italian Job associations in mind. This is because he was locked in the bathroom on his first night there, and managed to take the door handle off. "He was only supposed..."

Anyhow, Rose loves her cats, and they get on beautifully. But she is moving to a new, bigger house with her equally new boyfriend and said boyfriend has a cat. Vinnie and Jimmy have no problems with said cat, but said cat has problems with Vinnie and Jimmy. She wanted advice. We ran through all the options, but really, cats do what they damn well please.


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