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This morning there was an inch of ice on the bird bath.

There was also lots of ice elsewhere! As these seabirds found out.

Seagulls on the ice

So did this heron, which allowed me within ten feet...

Frost Heron

It has been snowing on and off since then. Ah, climate change...

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The photos are wonderful, especially that heron one, what a wonderful composition! :)

And, it may be recently unusual for us to have pre-Christmas snow, but really it shouldn't be a shock in December and used to be more common. Here in the Gulf Stream-warmed South West, of course, it's just grey and wet, as usual.

Thank you. This was probably the same heron that was roosting on a local roof, and which inamac totally failed to photograph because she has never bothered to learn how to use my Pentax DSLR, and whinged that "it was too short a lens". It is, in fact, an 18-250mm zoom - but it has a lock, and she didn't find it.

We are in a little cold patch here. The photos were taken in Claybury Park, of which more later in my series on the local woods and parks.

It did occur to me, seeing shots of the Copenhagen conference amid heavy snowfalls, that in hindsight, I bet the organisers wished they'd had the conference somewhere warmer...

I bet they did too. It's in weather like this that I start to worry about the Gulf Streams.


That heron shot is just wonderful. I'm amazed you got that close.

So am I. And we had Dracopup. I kept edging closer and closer and it just stood there. I could probably have got closer, but with the Lumix it was closer enough.

Oh the heron is stunning.

Thank you. I'm rather chuffed with that photo myself.

Love the heron - all the detail of his feathers; it's a bit mind-boggling to see gulls standing on the water, too.

We are having a rotten hot day (around 35o C I think) - which comes with a hot dry wind that started before 8 am. However, that kind of thing has always been on the cards. Rain and 18oC predicted for tomorrow; hope it happens!

The whole of the pond (it is a quite small one) was completely frozen over. I suspect that Dracopup could have walked on it. I had the devil's own time with the birdbath ice this morning, but the birds did appreciate it.

I love the heron against the grey ice.

Thank you. I am extremely chuffed with it.

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