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Co-operative Birds
Down at the Hainault Lake, the birds were co-operating - sort of.

The Cormorants were drying their wings

Cormorants 1

And the Great Crested Grebes were fishing together. Still too far for a decent shot, but what the hey, these are better than last time...

Great Crested Grebes 1

There were a lot of Tufted Duck on Fairlop Water when we were down there the other day but they were too far away to photograph. However, a stray one turned up at Hainault today

Tufted duck 1

Along with an equally stray White Fronted Goose

White Fronted Goose 2

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Fabulous shot of the cormorants!

Sheer luck - and a pocket camera with a long optical lens and a lot of pixels.


It was cold and muddy, though...

They should put pavements in.

I expect the last one does have white on him/her somewhere besides the rear end!

Cormorants wonderfully cooperative!

Idle question: have you been watching birds for so long that you know what they all are (or at least the regulars), or do you cart a book about? Or compare photos to reference books, later? (I do a bit of all three, but too often it's, "Duh, it a bird.")

I'm not a particularly keen birdwatcher normally (I don't keep a list, for example), though I do know a number of common birds. I thought the White-fronted Goose (the white involved is that around the beak) might be a Greylag, and checked the photo against the RSPB's spiffing bird-identification website, which I have bookmarked.


And if really in doubt, I ask temeres who is much more knowledgeable than I am. (We friended each other after discovering a joint admiration for Richard Dawkins.)

Thank you for that link! It looks a helpful site. (I have a lot of their bird badges, but I might have known they'd have useful stuff too.)

Love the cormorant-on-a-stick!

Edited at 2009-12-14 11:36 am (UTC)

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