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Pyanfar's Second Litter
This is possibly our favourite litter of all of them...

And play

From left to right we have Inazuma Electric Dragon (E.D.), Inazuma Hillybilly Wheels (Traveller, so called because she was her mother's favourite for carting about the house), Inazuma Chilli Mayhem (Chilli) and Inazuma Mysteryos Stranger (Ross). Ross looked as if he might be a caramel tabby at this point, like his sister Traveller, but turned out to be a self with what one top judge has called an "extremely sound" colour. The kittens were called after our friends on the BBC Films message boards, now unfortunately deceased - the boards, not the posters, natch!

E.D. and Chilli Edit - looking hard at this piccie I think the first kitten is actually Traveller

ED and Chilli


You Woke Me Up!



I wish I could find my favourite photo of Ross at about five weeks, which I had on my work computer for ages, but that CD seems to have taken a walk. He's sitting fore square with his head slightly tilted, a picture of solid mischief.

Edit So this really is ED

Electric Dragon

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Oh, aren't they beautiful!

Aren't they! I love Orientals, and this was a particularly nice litter.

Baby Ross is a smasher!

Big Ross is a smasher too. He was a wonderful kitten, though.

How could anyone be unhappy with such beautiful little creatures in the world? Kittens and puppies make everything much less so.

Kittens can be a real pain, though I loved having them in the house. However, all the grey hairs I have are due to kittens, I swear...

Ross: born to be a star. Big kiss to him.

OMG lookit those EARS! Traveller in particular looks as if she could flap them and fly away like Dumbo. Adorable!

I know. I love Siamese-style ears. Wait until you see the kitten pictures of Lupin (who used to live with fjm and now lives with purpletigron

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