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Kero's first litter and our second
Kero's first litter 17

All squash in 2

I can't tell which kitten is which in these photos, but we have Inazuma Telzey Amberdon (Telzey), Inazuma Trigger Argee (Trigger), Inazuma Danestar Gems (Gem) and Inazuma Heslet Quillan (Quill). Their mother, Duberville Purcilla Andrez (Kero) is also in the mix.

I assure you I could tell one from another in the flesh, though Singapuras are difficult. (The secret lies in the leg markings.)

And because Singa kittens are incomparably cute

Telly sitter 4 (best)

(I think this is Gem.)

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They are so cute... And I assume they're also very sociable sort of cats given the way they all seem to clump together...

Well, they are a mother and her kittens (aged about 12 weeks) so they are bound to be sociable. As adults they are reasonably social cats in the way most pedigree cats are - our group are all unrelated (or as unrelated as a breed stemming from five cats, four of whom were in the same litter can be) and they get on well enough with each other. The Orientals, who are closely related, get on better - of the two groups, only the boys really mix.

As you know, I really don't like cats but I've got to admit that the cats in the blue basket shot is kinda cool.

I love the names you choose for your kitties.

I may have mentioned this before... if I were ever to try being a breeder (not bloody likely!), I don't think I'd be able to resist calling my business Ennien Cattery, just so that my kittens would have names of the form "So-and-so of Ennien". (It's a reference to Uhura's Song by Janet Kagan.)

Choosing the "official" names is one of the fun things about breeding and showing pedigree cats. (There are a lot of unfun things too, which is why we are now out of the game.)

We really wanted "Netsuke" (as we intended to breed these tiny ivory-coloured cats") but someone else had already claimed it. "Inazuma" which means "lightning" in Japanese and is a term used by swordsmiths for one form of patterning in the steel of a katana was our second choice. There are a lot of Tolkienian and Trekian prefixes in the UK. "Galadriel" for Norwegian Forest Cats for example, and "Palantir" was an important prefix in Orientals, though its owner - a big name in the cat world - died this year. I'd have to look it up, but I think there was a cat called Kobayashi Maru in Pyanfar's pedigree.

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