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Ancient Forests and Landscaped Gardens - A diversion
Fairlop Plain is a neither an ancient forest nor a landscaped garden - it is an area of gravel beds above the current Thames valley, which has been an airfield and a gravel pit. Gravel is still being extracted, but it is now a watersports centre, a country park, and a golf course.

It's a big lake - this is only a small part.

Fairlop Lake

Sailing, canoeing, and windsurfing constitute the main activities.

Bird on a Boat

Fairlop Water

The country park, though consists of "unimproved" farmland and scrub.

Reaching to the Sky

We haven't been there in spring, but we are promised brown hares and skylarks. Apparently over a thousand Golden Plover winter there, but there weren't any when a couple of weeks ago - only their cousins, the lapwings...

Lapwing 2

And a most determined family of swans, who followed me up the slipway at speed!

Here come de Swans

A Flock of Trouble

Finally, the RAF base is not forgotten. Its flag still flies.

The RAF Flag Still Flies

An old hanger is being developed, but murals have been painted on its side.

Hanger Painting

And an old airscrew provides photographers like me with an opportunity to play with colour and light.

Airscrew Edge 2

Hopefully, there will be wildlife photography from me on this site as the year progresses.

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What beautiful pictures -- I especially liked the swans and the RAF flag.

It looks like a very nice lake.

I love the swans :-) We occasionally see them on the river (it runs through the centre of our town, and we live right next to it). Mostly it's just ducks and moorhens, though.

We have a lot of mallard, moorhens, canada geese and coots locally, plus swans and herons in some numbers. However, winter brings in other birds, and I am gleefully collecting them. Must go down and see if we can spy some Golden Plovers.

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