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RIP Robert Holdstock
SF and fantasy author Robert Holdstock died yesterday.

Though I did not know him personally this is a great loss to many of my friends, who did, and to British fantasy and science fiction. Mythago Wood is extraordinary. He was only a year older than I am. My sympathies to his friends and family, and to everyone who enjoyed his books, because there won't be any more...

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:-( I love his books, in fact I'm re-reading them at the moment during breaktime at work. That's definitely sad news and a great loss.

I wish I'd known him rather than just seeing him around in the distance at conventions in the 80s. The words coming from people who knew him well (peake, mevennen and the tributes at his own site http://robertholdstock.com/2009/11/rip-rob-holdstock/) have emphasis on how kind, gracious and just plain "nice" he was.

It's surprising that an E. coli infection, under treatment, could kill someone who's just 61.

Rob had a serious diabetic condition - it was why he hadn't been around UK fandom for some years.

This episode has a sickening familiarity.

Oh, Steve, I do wish you could have been spared the reminder - at this time of year too!

My thoughts right now are with Sarah and their families.

Mythago Wood is one of my all time favourite books (not as enthusiastic about most of the follow ups).

A sad loss to the SF/F world. A quality writer.

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