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Got it!
Since a trio of cormorants made their winter home on the lake in Hainault Forest Country Park, I have been trying to get a decent shot, either with the Pentax or with the Lumix. Today, I got something reasonable, and it was with the compact

Cormorant Drying Wings

Also, this is Dracopup in his new coat. Doesn't he look smart? He actually likes having it on now, and makes no protest at all. When we first tried to put a coat on him, he fought and growled and made no end of a fuss.

Draco's Smart Coat

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Beautiful pictures all week.

Draco looks so noble! Like he's posing for portraiture. lol

Draco is thinking, "Shall I go running off after those other dogs over there or am I more likely to blag a treat by doing what Mum tells me?"

That cormorant shot is astonishing.
And doesn't D look smart?

Thank you, but I was pretty lucky, as I only had time for one shot of it drying its wings, and it happened to come out in focus and correctly exposed.

Dracopup looks smart...

Well caught! I saw one once, in the Fens (at least, I'm fairly sure that's what it was, I only got a brief look when I was riding to work one day along the Sixteen Foot).

Last week it was lapwings down on Fairlop Water. I'll get round to that particular country park fairly soon, I hope.

That really is a great shot of the cormorant - not at all easy with that intensely black plumage.

And Draco, what can I say. A polo neck in slytherin green - that is just *so* right for a Dracopup. :)

Ina says that she was thinking of putting reflective silver around the coat to "make it more visible - honest"...

Oh yes, absolutely! It's important he be visible in the dark. But what is she going to come up with to justify the discreetly embroidered snakes ...? :)

I take a perverse comfort in the fact that of the dozens of people who've asked about his name,only two so far have recognised its derivation.

JKR is not as universally known as she thinks she is.

The St Albans museum has a beautiful reproduction Roman snake cloak clasp which I covet. And which would fasten a dog coat just as easily.

Splendid pic of the cormorant. And I do smile every time you post piccies of Draco -- he's very handsome and I adore his cute ears *g*.

The ears really are something!

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