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The Catholic Church is a Force for Good
For those of you - you know who you are - who also expressed your outrage at the Catholic church's actions in Ireland on the previous religion/atheism post and may have somehow missed the many other links to the debate on "The Catholic Church is a Force for Good" which the BBC conducted in London earlier this year, here is the YouTube link to the playlist


Watch Anne Widdecombe make an idiot of herself! See an African bishop who is even sillier than the Archbish of York! Watch Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens and the audience take them apart!

Of course, it was totally unfair. I wonder why the BBC couldn't find any intellectual heavyweights to defend the the Catholic cause?

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Thank you. Book marked for later watching in full.

I thought Fry's question was telling - if you aren't better than the current moral values of society at the time, what is the church for?

It is a really good question in general: what is religion for?

The modern Catholic church does itself few favours.
I do have to observe though that in its early years (we're talking 4th - 8th centuries, here) catholic churches in northern Europe did a lot for the protection of women, however, not least through trying to break down social models that allowed wives to be cast off and left destitute and widows and their children to be ignored, abandoned, enslaved or abused.
The modern version -- power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely

True. And the church, whether Catholic or Celtic, was also one of the few centres of learning in Northern Europe. Not to mention providing a refuge for younger sons and daughters.

At that period, though, temporal power resided elsewhere.

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