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Greta Christina Strikes Again
If you get annoyed by atheists debunking religion do not click any of these links. If you do and they annoy you, don't come complaining to me.

The wonderful Greta Christina ( http://gretachristina.typepad.com/ ) writes about religion and atheism in a way that is so close to my own point of view and articulates it so much more logically, wittily and convincingly than I can, that I tend not to write about it very much anymore. She has just written a couple of pieces for AlterNet, but, for those of you who are interested in such things, I commend to you the expanded version of the second post, entitled
The Armor of God or the Top One Reason Why Religion is Harmful which she has posted on her own blog.

This is the link


The other post, here


is funnier, and deals with something that annoys me personally - indeed had me yelling, "But is it true" at Thought for the Day the other morning.
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ooh, that was very interesting, thanks; reminds me of why I gave up on organised religion a decade or so ago after realising that nobody else thought it was just a nice metaphor...

Greta Christina writes about atheism, sex, and politics. What more can you ask?

Thanks for the link -- I've bookmarked Greta Christina's blog for future reference. She says everything I want to say, but a million times better *g*. I want to run around and hand out the URL to every god-botherer I come across!

I know.

Isn't she wonderful?

She sounds extremely cool -- I had a nose around at her biog and her past posts.

Personally reading the second link made me want to go join a church and I'm an atheist. Not that it suddenly made me a believer but I just disliked what I was reading so much I wanted to distance myself from the writer.

Possibly I'm overtired and cranky tonight.

There you go. I thought she was spot on. The excuse that "even if religion is not true you ought to respect it because it gives meaning to [the hoi poloi's] lives makes me very angry because of the way it denigrates people, particularly believers.

Advocates of religion often claim that invisible voices are the only way to arrive at valid principles of how to live. They even seem to think that deceptive invisible voices (i.e., other religions) are superior to reason-based ethics. Polls in the US show that more people would refuse on principle to vote for an atheist than for a follower of a "false" religion.

Thanks for this - you post such interesting links! I've bookmarked this for further investigation.

(Loved the Trekkie metaphor! So true on so many levels! *g*)

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