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Tidings of Comfort and Joy
Filk by any other name, and an answer to the determination of the fundies (and some of our own) to silence atheists.

via Greg Laden's Blog

Note: Yes, this is quite old, but I hadn't seen it before, despite hanging out at various atheist blogs...

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In a similar vein, I've posted my Atheist's Hymn of Thanksgiving (for US Thanksgiving Day) to my journal.

Yours is much more classy!

Hehe, I only recognise two people in the choir and one of them is Edward Current over on the far right. Do you know he's started trying to do stand up now? His first night wasn't terribly successful, but then again he had a pretty tough crowd. (I could hear people chatting all the way through his routine.) Best of luck to him! :)

Unfortunately the other face I recognised was Pat Condell and it really didn't help when it started going on about those who challenge Islam. I'm afraid my response is "get in line". Not just get in line to challenge Islam, not even just get in line to claim that you are being called racist for challenging Islam, but get in line for saying that the world is turning overly politically correct and that you are being unfairly criticised. (Guess who else will be in the queue? That's right, the fundies they spent the last few verses railing against. "Why can't I criticse homosexuals for their lifestyle choice?" *facepalm*) I am surrounded by people saying that Islam deserves criticism - not least the EDL (English Defence League). I was even recently told in a forum that I was being unfair in calling them a racist organisation, even though Nick Griffin initially wanted to distance the BNP from them because he thought they were too racist!

I'm finding that Youtube is rather frighteningly full of BNP-supporting youtube channels. Plenty of them are happy to challenge Islam and I don't think many of them are atheists. - I also had some people linking to my documentary clip of Stephen Green (leader of the small random fundie group Christian Voice) where he claims that he thinks the UK is on the brink of civil war with a tiny minority religious group, claiming that I was unfairly criticising valid critics of the rise of Islam in the UK. (A valid critic? He's predicting civil war between 3% of the country and 97% of the country ffs! - And lets not forget that Geert Wilders is sitting in Denmark just dying to come over and liberate us if need be, lol. I bet he'd be keen to do a bit of regime change to save us from socialism while he's at it. *facepalm*)

Oooh, that was quite a rant, wasn't it? So, um, who are the other people in the choir and are there any that aren't going to infuriate me like Pat Condell does?

From the comments

L-R: PatCondell(B), RabidApe(F), NermalsChannel? (B), CapnOAwesome(F), FakeSagan(B), TheAmazingAtheist(F), Gisburne2000(B), EdwardCurrent(F).

I don't entirely agree with you about Pat Condell, but can't be arsed to argue about it.

Oooh, I'd got The Amazing Atheist in my youtube subscriptions already. No, wait. Hang on a minute. I'd got The Thinking Atheist. Isn't The Amazing Atheist... oh dear no *checks out youtube quickly* Oh my god it's that horrific misogynist. Remember someone showing this video on atheism? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHdkbKw3IgY *yuck*

Well that confirms others on that list will not only infuriate me like Pat Condell does, but at least one will actually do so to an even greater extent!

I'll check out the others now. Thanks! :)

I don't watch many amateur videos of any kind, unless I happen to stumble across them elsewhere (as I did in this case.) My problem with The Amazing Atheist is primarily that he is one of those video makers who drive me mad by being unprepared and chatting to and for himself. I didn't get very far into that one for that reason, though I don't have too much time for certain brands of radical feminism myself. However, anyone who thinks that saying someone is 'hot' is going to excuse later slagging isn't going to get very far - at this point in the video I muttered "And you're a slob, so what?" and clicked out.

Edited at 2009-11-26 02:26 pm (UTC)

I studied feminist philosophy and I think the people he's pissed off with are of the Catherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin school of thought. The thing is that while many feminists are themselves upset with the anti-porn feminist groups for a variety of reasons, I'm not sure his "stay away from my porn" argument is terribly convincing. Anti-porn feminists found allies amongst right-wing groups and ended up getting tied up with groups who were much more concerned with attacking homosexuals than they were with liberating women. There are big problems with anti-porn feminism, but what he is criticising is rules which are in place to make sure sex workers are safe - so that's not the 'radical feminism' he seems to think he's combatting.

If you haven't already read it, I'd strongly recommend "Female Chauvinist Pigs" by Ariel Levy. It really helps to clear up the whole situation with feminism and sex. Levy is still a part of the sex-positive feminist movement which took over from anti-porn feminism. She tackles the whole "Girls Gone Wild" and "Howard Stern Show" stuff and also attacks the abstinence movement. She also notes the extent to which women are being drawn into the same attitudes which men were always blamed for in the past.

(Here's one of the things I find most interesting about feminism. In the past they were criticising the way the plastic surgery was being sold to women as a necessary part of their lives. Now an increasing number of men are also making use of plastic surgery to beautify themselves. Feminist issues aren't just about how "men are evil". They're issues which affect both sexes, though often women get the worst of it, and men ignore these issues at their peril.)

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